Sunday, June 04, 2006

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Name: 柯權珉

How Do I Improve My English Ability by Using English Websites

English has become one of the most popular tools on earth. It is useful when it comes to worldwide business corporations. People invest their valuable time on a variety of text books in order to boost up their senses of English and master in this common spoken language so they can be more competitive than their colleagues. I, as a cadet in CAFA, nonetheless feel the necessity to make acquaintance with this particular means of communication since more and more modern techniques treat English as a basic requirement.
In purpose of accelerating the process of gaining the sophistication in English, I choose to utilize some famous English websites, such as Wikipedia,, and so forth. I’ll first categorize the information that I want to pull out from the contents of the electronic sources, and then I’ll go straightforward to the address and get the job done properly. With great efficiency, I can save myself some more time to accomplish other matters, for example, practicing playing the jazz drums, adventuring in the arena of scientific novels, just to name a few.
This is an age of technologies and innovations. We can not just simply ignore the tendency of evolution. We must make the best use of the technical paraphernalia, internet being one of the latest inventions within the flow. As long as we know when and how to take advantage of this convenient device, we can not only make our lives much easier but also develop better opportunities in our careers. Keeping the fighting spirit in my mind, I’ll apply this motto to other affairs and continue on my path toward the utmost success.


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You can describe your thought on using these must-see English website. Moreover, you can take your experience with using them.
However, the following words must be watchful.
1. choose (v) I choose English websites for my learning garden. They are so famous such as...

Your conclusion is inspirational to me! "Keeping the fighting spirit in my mind, I’ll apply this motto to other affairs and continue on my path toward the utmost success." Cheer!

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