Monday, January 02, 2006

柯權珉bloberwarming and our life

96-2 Name: 柯權珉 Academic No: 96042
Environment and our life
The more civilized society in the world, the more kind of virus and illness people have to face.
We often cash in on every thing just due to men’s greedy and the contest between countries. Few people’s benefits cause world’s lots serious injury. One of most important but less people concerned phenomenon is “Global Warming” If temperature difference more large then before, everything will change in the world. For instance, some countries will disappear in the world just like Finland. Antarctica will melt and sea level rise in a meter. Some people live in hot weather, some live in cold. One sort or another disease spread all the world, etc. All in all, human have to attach importance to this questions of common interest.

Eventually, everybody have to do the thing right and do the right thing. If not, more problems should be happen and become the victim of human’s own evil deeds!


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